Thick and long eyelashes are the pride and dream of every woman. Healthy and beautiful eyelashes give the women self-confidence, emphasize charm and natural beauty of eyes.
Everyday application and incorrect removal of make-up, unfavourable environmental conditions (frost, heat, polluted air, sunlight), changes in diet in spring and autumn periods – all these factors damage the health and beauty of eyelashes, adversely affect the roots, lead to dryness, thinning and fall-out of eyelashes.

alloton® Cilange is the result of modern technologies of application of active plant extracts for strengthening, intensive support and protection of weakened eyelashes:
moisturizes and saturates, makes eyelashes thick and long;
strengthens eyelashes and prevents their damage and fall-out;
protects from fading and preserves natural colour;
protects from makeup influence.

Use alloton® Cilange as protective base for mascara: special formula of gel significantly facilitates mascara application and its even distribution, enlarges volume and fluffiness of eyelashes, gives the possibility to easily give the desirable shape to eyelashes.

What is the composition?

Ceratene – important component of skin tissues and hair. When externally applied ceratene forms the protective elastic film which actively restores the hair damaged surface.
Burdock extract contains carotene, vitamin C, inulin, flavonoids, organic acids, and mineral substances. Ensures active antimicrobial action. Thanks to roots threngthening, stops eyelashes fall-out and stimulates their growth.
Aloe extract improves eyelashes nutrition. Ensures significant softening, moisturizing and bactericidal action.
Provitamin B5 (panthenol) improves nutriotion, elasticity and stimulates growth of eyelashes.

How to apply?
For support of weakened eyelashes and prevention of their fall-out, evenly apply the gel with brush to clean and dry eyelashes twice a day: before sleep and in the morning before applying the mascara. The gel is easily applied and dries out quickly enough preserving its transparency.
Important: always apply the gel to clean eyelashes in order not to dirty the remaining gel in a vial.
Volume: 9 ml.
Producer: JSC “Dzintars” (Latvia).
Efficiency period: 30 months after the date of production.
Store in dry place under the temperature from +5оС to +25оС.
Composition: ceratene, burdock extract, aloe extract, provitamin B5 (panthenol).