АLLOTON® PLANT CONDITIONER FOR DYED HAIR: Glamorous Gloss and Colour Protection.
Specially developed for dyed hair care – ensures strong antioxidant action, healthy gloss and elasticity.

Active components: wheat proteins • black chokeberry • African rooibos • grape extract • grape seed oil • avocado • ylang-ylang • orange tree flowers oil • apple vinegar • collagen • aloe vera.

Modern technology PhytoTouch Extraction used for receipt of natural extracts ensures maximum preservation of useful biologically active substances required for hair. Active formula contains high concentrations of natural antioxidants, efficiently prevents loss of colour of dyed hair, softens, saturates, moistens and restores the hair structure. Prevents hair damage and fragility, protects from UV-rays. Due to complex action the hair becomes more flexible and shines with natural gloss.

Method of application: take a small amount of conditioner and distribute it all over the wet and washed hair, leave it for 1-2 minutes, then wash it off. Dry the hair in a usual way or with the help of hair-dryer. Suitable for everyday use. For better care of dyed hair and scalp it is recommended to use complex GLAMOROUS GLOSS AND COLOUR PROTECTION: shampoo and conditioner.

Composition: water; cetyl alcohol; cetearyl alcohol; dipalmitoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium methosulfate; cetearyl olivate; sorbitan olivate; cyclopentasiloxane; grape seed oil; cyclotetrasiloxane; orange tree flowers oil; ceteareth-20; cetrimonium chloride; dimethiconol; apple vinegar extract; avocado oil; poon ether oil; maltodextrin; wheat proteins hydrolysate; collagen hydrolysate; benzyl alcohol; aloe vera extract; ylang-ylang oil; sodium hydroxide; grape extract; rooibos extract; sodium benzoate; black chokeberry extract; methylchlorisothiazolinone; citric acid; sorbic acid; benzoic acid; methylisothiazolinone; potassium sorbate; limonene; linalool.

Producer: OLIGOCAPS DEVELOPPEMENT Ltd.; 4, rue Jean Rostand, Zoopôle Saint-Brieuc-Ploufragan, 22440 Ploufragan, France.